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5384 Huntington Drive. El Sereno 90032

Store Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12am-6pm

Women on a Mission Non-Profit

All members of our community and beyond have the right to a safe space where they can work and support each others growth. Locally sourced and artisan made, our collective supports the preservation of culture in the work of women, youth, and LGBTQ . A percentage of every purchase made is donated to the empowerment of small businesses in our local community.

  • Amy's boutique

    Amys boutique sources handmade modern cultura fashion hand selected and sourced from Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guatema, Colombia and other parts of Latin America. Support this Fashionista Activista by following her here.

  • Ana Karen Loves Paper

    Ana Karen Loves Paper-A Chicana inspired greeting card and stationary line. Ana Karen started creating her handmade greeting cards while in high school. She specializes in cultural and multi-dimensional designs. Support her brand by following her here.

  • Ceiba

    Ceiba Cultural loungewear inspired designs by Chicana artist, fashion and interior space designer Eyra Perez. Eyra commissions artist from her parent's hometown in Yucatan to embroider her beautiful flower sketches into her very own kimonos, tunics, and robe designs. Browse through her social media here.

  • Diosa Glam Cosmetics

    Angela Vizcaya is a school psychologist and creator of the first Chicana queer vegan Makeup and lifestyle brand from El Sereno. Follow her lifestyle brand here.

  • Dusty Rose

    Dusty Rose is a Chicana inspired fashion jewelry line created by Grace Robles. Her gold filled and sterling silver creations are fashionable, elegant, modern & mindful. She specializes in elegantly prepackaged gift sets with intetional and themed messages. Browse through Dusty Rose designs here.

  • In The Making

    In The Making is a non-profit partner of The Goddess mercado, re-sells gently used donations. Money raised is used to empower, mentor, and employ local youth. Youth business ventures are incubated and promoted here. Follow In The Making here

  • Ilaments

    Lisa Rocha is a Chicana jewelry designer that has been showcased in Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Fred Segal and more. Her pieces have been worn by Morrisey and many high profile influencers that support the celebration of culture. Follow her here.

  • Karla Sofia Botanicals

    Karla Sofia is a natural luxury skincare formulator. This goddess makes her products with Love and the highest intentions. Learn more about her brand here.

  • LA Girl Tie Dye

    LA Girl Tie dye designs hand bleached and dyed cultural, modern and empowering fashion. Fashionista activista and owner, Carolina Velasco hosts tie dye parties, creates custom group or family and celebration designs of high quality cotton, cotton blends, and silk. For custom order follow her and message her here.

  • MexiChic Crafts

    Diana Diaz is the first leather luxury designer that’s from East Los Angeles. Her designs are inspired by her strong Mexican roots and the fabulous women that support her journey. Diana is also the creator of The Goddess Mercado, The Queer Mercado, The Goddess Mercado Boutique and a new project that you should keep an eye out on. Follow her brand here

  • Mextica

    Andrea Ramirez is a community-taught artis twho tells stories using acrylic paint, canvas, and really tiny brushes. Her artist name, Mextica, pays homage to her Mexican (Mex) and Costa Rican (Tica) roots as well as her late dad’s brilliance - he came up with the name. Follow her social media here.

  • Pretty Little Quartz

    Pretty Little Quartz is owned by Daisy and Mary, a fabulous dynamic goddess due. They specialize in crystals, healing stones, empowering gift sets and good vibes. Learn more about their products here.

  • Sacred Bathing

    Sacred Bathing promotes natural and herbal self care and relaxation rituals for mental health. Marja Oliden has studied herbalism for over 20 years. She is licensed in holistic nutrition and natural skin care. Follow her new product launches here.

  • Tina LAtina

    Tina Arroyo also known as Tina Latina Chicana queer resin artist is inspired by her maternal and paternal grandmothers. Resin work was initially a hobby that she took on in order to help her deal with her mental health. Tina's struggle with anxiety is now funneled into creative powerful, cultural, expressive and sensual visual wall art. Follow her artist journey here.

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